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Curtain Walling Manufacturers Uk

The design flexibility and strength of aluminium combined with high-performance glazing make our curtain walling products eye-catching, contemporary and a functional element to any building design. As manufacturers and installers of curtain walling systems you can trust us to deliver a start to finish service.

Capped Curtain Walling System

Whether single or multi-story the bespoke design options these systems offer to enable them to achieve the architectural ambition of the most contemporary of buildings.

Sheer, high-rise, sloped or inclined facades can be achieved, with a range of technical specifications as options, to create beautiful, environmentally responsible working buildings. Capped curtain walling systems allow in maximum light and transparency to transform inside spaces while enhancing cityscapes. Our range of external cover cap styles offers a variety of profiles down to a double-chamfered cap with just a 16mm visible face for the slimmest sightlines.


  • Min: 6mm
  • Max: 65mm
  • Glazing Method: Pressure Plate and Cap

Structural Glazed Curtain Walling System

Unlike capped curtain walling, our structural glazed curtain walling systems have no visible aluminium transoms or mullions, but discrete, weatherproof joints which create a stunning, cutting edge façade.

curtain walling manufacturers uk

Structural glazed curtain walling is suitable for a single storey or high multi-storey structures. Glazing units are joined by discrete 20mm silicone joint seals for optimal weatherproofing and thermal efficiency. Discreet opening systems can be fully integrated. Products are wind load-tested and comply with industry safety and security standards.


  • Min: 6mm
  • Max: 65mm
  • Glazing Method: Toggle System(structural silicone joint)

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