Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Aluminium/Glass/Timber Shopfronts


Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

We can provide an extensive range of Aluminium , Glass and Timber Shopfronts that can be designed to client needs and impose an attractive display to generate increased custom.

Aluminium Shopfronts

Robust, Traditional and Versatile, aluminium shopfronts can give clients a large range of flexibility on the variety of window options to suit every purpose whether it is high street retail shops to commercial entrances or shopping centres. The reasons why aluminium remains a popular choice is as a result of it being very durable, lightweight, high strength and is highly resistant to corrosion caused by industrial pollutants.

Glass Shopfronts

All glass shopfronts are constructed using 12mm toughened glass in accordance to British standards. Toughened glass is constructed using a heating and cooling process over several layers that give the glass increased strength and reliability to ensure the glass shopfront can be created without any aluminium profiles present within the main area of the shopfront.

All frameless glass doors can be fitted with a variety of rails, different patch fittings in array of finishes such as Chrome or Satin finish with an extensive collection of entrance handles to match. The surrounding framework can be painted to any RAL and a range of high security lock options are available for clients to choose from.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Timber Shopfronts

Timber shopfronts are supplied and installed in accordance with customer specification and offer a style that is aesthetically pleasing whilst being very durable. In constructing our wooden shopfronts we use hardwood. However should clients require other timbers then this should be specified at the earlier stages of the manufacturing process.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Each individual shopfront is bespoke allowing customers to create/retain corporate or brand identities. Similarly as with all shopfronts we offer our clients a range of ironmongery and security lock options to complement their shopfronts.

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